• Notice and Return

    Notice and Return

    In meditation and in life, notice when you’re hooked and return to the present moment. Keep doing that and after a while the notice doesn’t require a return. Just noticing is enough. The consistent and natural presence of awareness to the hookedness allows it just release and disappear back from whence it came. What I’m… Continue reading

  • Some thoughts on the creative calling…

    Some thoughts on the creative calling…

    We’re called to face our fears and act according to our intuitive inspiration. This is the calling. And a true calling won’t let us off the hook. It gets all entangled with our conscience. Not heeding it will stop us sleeping at night, it’ll fill our souls with guilt and doubt and anxiety, it’ll nag… Continue reading

  • Untitled Thoughts #12

    Untitled Thoughts #12

    Sometimes it’s hard to remain unattached. The secret is to release as you notice it and keep doing it. Patiently, repeatedly, endlessly if necessary. It’s that willingness to let go when you see you’re grasping, contracting, resisting. The practice is notice and release or notice and return. Or even notice and allow. There’s no force… Continue reading

  • Weekly Satsang Group

    Weekly Satsang Group

    Satsang (‘sat’ = Truth, reality; ‘sangha’ = community, coming together) is the context in which the exploration and recognition of our true nature can take place.  You’re invited to join me on Saturdays for weekly Satsang meetings on Zoom. Together we’ll explore the true nature of reality, the ‘world’ and Self. All information including the… Continue reading

  • Peace Through Truth: Embracing the Nature of Reality

    Peace Through Truth: Embracing the Nature of Reality

    Is there a way to find peace and freedom from affliction? Does truth have a bearing on this? Let’s see… Phenomena are spontaneously arising and naturally self-liberating. We have no control over said phenomena because we don’t exist as any kind of being that could exercise control. Therefore bringing clarity to the actual state of… Continue reading

  • Nihil Extra Conscientiam

    Nihil Extra Conscientiam

    You can't find anything that exists outside of mind/consciousness. That's a different claim than there *is* nothing outside of mind. But there's zero evidence for anything *extra conscientiam* and the hypothesis there's an *objective* world is unprovable. https://t.co/2b1TbrWjT2 — Martyn… (@martynwebber) March 28, 2024 Continue reading



    Episode 30: Meeting in the Depths In this episode we explore how in our daily lives we often struggle to truly meet others and be present with the full breadth of their experience. Consumed by the chatter of our minds, we miss subtle emotions, sensations, and the depths of our inner lives. While pleasant feelings… Continue reading

  • Event Reminder: Spiritual Foundations Week 3 – Prayer

    Tomorrow is Week 3 of the Spiritual Foundations Satsang series. Join me at 5pm UK time. All welcome. All details here. Continue reading

  • March Events: Spiritual Foundations Series

    March Events: Spiritual Foundations Series

    SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS SERIESSatsang and Divine Light Transmissions Join me for a series of online Satsangs in March. Each Saturday we’ll explore our True Nature through a different foundational spiritual ‘lens’ or approach.All welcome. More info here. Continue reading

  • No Wrong Notes

    No Wrong Notes

    Miles Davis said that there are no wrong notes, that it’s the next note that determines whether the previous one is right or wrong. And it got me thinking about that space after one note but before the next, when the absence of the last note is hanging there – pregnant, unresolved. Is it harmonious… Continue reading